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Service Website Development
Average Price (USD) $35 / hour (flex rate available)
"Website development" is any non-recurring projects / tasks for PDStig, LLC to complete. This may include but is not limited to developing new features or modifying existing features on a website, or performing one-off maintenance.

Usually, website development payment structure is as follows:

  • A client will make a project request
  • PDStig, LLC will provide a time estimate for the project
  • The client will be invoiced for 33% of the estimated time as a down payment towards the project; work will not begin until the down payment is paid.
  • PDStig, LLC completes the work.
  • Once the client has indicated they are satisfied with the work, PDStig, LLC will invoice the client for the remaining actual time spent on the project.
  • Projects which take 12 or more hours to complete will require milestone payments.
  • Clients can make down payments in advance to avoid spending extra time exchanging the initial 33% payment or milestone payments.