Privacy policy

Our privacy policy below explains what data we collect about you, why we collect it, and how we use it.

Child protection

  • In order for children under the age of 13 to join this website, a parent or guardian must approve it. A notice will be sent, by e-mail, to the e-mail address given when a child joins, which will provide notice on how to approve the membership. This is done for compliance with law across various jurisdictions. The parent or guardian has the option to agree to the collection and use of the child's information without consenting to the disclosure of the information to third parties. The parent or guardian can review the child's personal information, ask to have it deleted and refuse to allow any further collection or use of the child's information. This may be done by contacting the staff in the same way as was done to approve the membership originally.


We may store the following cookies on your computer…

Name Reason
cms_autosave_* References to auto-saved incomplete content
cms_member_id & cms_member_hash The "remember me" feature for passwords
cms_member_id_invisible Whether you logged in into invisible mode
cms_session__d5f1dc132f8a546b5a2d58c969cf7a67 Identifies your session so that we temporarily can uniquely link your requests together (deleted when your web browser is closed)
font_size To remember your font size choice
has_cookies To detect whether cookies are enabled, so we know whether to enable/disable features that need it
last_chat_msg_* Your most recent non-posted message in a chatroom, so we can prevent data loss if you accidentally reload the page
last_visit When you visited the website last, used for tracking what content is new
software_chat_prefs Chatroom display preferences
tray_*, hide*, og_* Values (yes/no) for remembering what things have been turned off/closed
use_wysiwyg Whether the WYSIWYG text editor is enabled


Action Reason
We may occasionally send bulk e-mails about PDStig, LLC, or matters relating to web development and hosting services to our members. We will not send bulk e-mails or allow others to send bulk e-mails, which we believe would be considered spam. To keep you informed, and for sales/marketing activity.
We do not have any special handling of the "Do Not Track" header. We do not track individual users for advertising purposes, although third-party services we rely on for unrelated functionality may do so.

Information disclosure

  • We will not share private details other than what can be seen in your forum profile and content submission, unless for a reason covered in this policy, or legally required to do so.
Action Reason
Your online status may be shown publicly. Additionally, your last activity time will be shown publicly. Online status helps foster community communication.
Some of the information you submitted with your account profile will be displayed publicly. This will not include information that many would consider confidential, but rather basic details such as your Username. This is fundamental to the social networking capabilities of this website.
The staff reserve the right to read any Private Topics and posts placed on this website. Any form of conversation made through this website should be considered viewable by staff. All private-posts and posts, unless deleted by specific request, are stored on the server. Information may be reviewed if we feel we have cause for an investigation. Situations involving investigations can be anything at our discretion, for example, to investigate specific incidents of our services being used for racism or harassment.

Information disclosure (eCommerce transactions)

Action Reason
Address and order data will be sent to our tax partner, unknown. For calculation of taxes.
Address and order data will be sent to PayPal at checkout. For PayPal to correctly take and process your payment for PDStig, LLC.

Information storage

  • Members may choose which profile fields display publicly.
  • If you believe data we hold is incorrect and you cannot amend this yourself, you can contact us to request that we make corrections.
  • Contact us if you want a copy of all the personal data we have stored on you. We can locate your data by username, e-mail address, IP address, or member ID – specify all that you have so we can maximise deletion. Raw server logs will generally not be included, unless you specifically request it.
  • Contact us if you wish to have personal data deleted/anonymised from our database. We can delete/anonymise data by username, e-mail address, IP address, or member ID – specify all that you have so we can maximise deletion. Exceptions:
    • Some raw log data, or data in backups, will remain with us until it is automatically deleted.
    • Editorial data, such as content you've submitted, will not be deleted as standard – but you may request that we delete/alter particular content if you specifically identify it.
    • Logged security incidents, or bans, from/on your personal data, will generally not be cleared unless there is what we consider a good reason.
    • Pending transactions with you, such as outstanding invoices or non-delivered orders, or records of your ongoing earned benefits, will generally not be cleared unless there is what we consider a good reason.
Action Reason
User metadata is logged when website activity happens. Metadata may include dates/time, IP address, web browser name, operating system, and account IDs. Log data is automatically deleted on a schedule. Your most recent IP address and visit time will remain a part of your member account. So we can track success and failure, and audit user behaviour for security and stability, and to generally help us maintain a good user experience.
Information entered manually into the system, or explicitly authorised, will typically be retained – although you may request removal. This information is key to either material published on the website, or the integrity of user accounts.
IP addresses that have been banned will be permanently stored, as will data about suspicious activity. We need to be able to permanently ban IP addresses which appear to be abusing our systems.
Use of the shopping cart may cause non-logged-in-user's sessions to stick around for a longer than normal period of time. To keep the contents of the shopping cart from being lost.

Information transfer

Action Reason
Web traffic coming to and from PDStig, LLC may be proxied through the Cloudflare web service. Please see the Cloudflare Privacy Policy. Cloudflare may be used for improving the security and performance of the site and web servers.
We may use external services to probe IP addresses for geographical location, and for Internet Service Provider names, and other assorted metadata, which may allow the third-party IP-data companies to see what websites you have been active on. Tracking by the companies is not known or intended, but we cannot guarantee it is not happening. For us to learn more about users for marketing, security, and relationship purposes.
We embed web code from third-party companies. Tracking by the companies is not known or intended, but we cannot guarantee it is not happening. Web code may be used for many purposes such as displaying non-default fonts or providing interactive page functionality
Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter may track your page views. Code from these networks embedded so you can easily share content onto social networks, and in some cases see how many shares have already been made.

Contact Us

For any privacy questions, concerns, or requests (such as to download, anonymise, or delete your data), you may:

This policy was last revised on 19th May 2024, 1:31 AM. Material changes to this policy will be posted as a news update to PDStig, LLC.