Keyboard shortcuts

These are the key shortcuts that will work on PDStig, LLC.

On most web browsers you can activate a key shortcut by holding down the Alt key and pressing the key code (hold down the Ctrl key on a Mac). You may need to hold down the Shift key in addition.

Key Action
In-page navigation
S Skip navigation
Site version
[ Desktop version
] Mobile version
User actions
L Log in/Log out
M Open member box (if logged in)
\ Open notifications box (if logged in)
; Open private topics box (if logged in)
W Switch user (staff only)
Main navigation
= Search
R Home page
' Feedback form
Z Site map
, Rules
. Privacy policy
/ Keyboard map (this page)
I Admin Zone (staff only)
Specific navigation
Y Go to advanced version of what you are on
C Continue to followup page
J Previous
K Another/Next
Q Activate edit link (staff only)
O Open Commandr (staff only)
- Webmaster chat (staff only)
X Go to the main posting area of a posting form
U Submit form
P Preview