Patrick Schmalstig

Radio Engineer; Web Developer

I am a creative problem solver with a solution-focused mindset.

About Me

I am a senior undergraduate at Wright State University. My majors are Mass Communication and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. I excel at creative problem-solving, implementing technology, and writing / establishing procedures. I also enjoy contributing to humanitarian efforts such as activism against domestic and sexual violence.

inside the radio studio of WWSU 106.9 FM with overhead lights, large mixer board, computer monitors, CD decks, cassette player, turn tables. The walls are purple. Large window to the right facing the university hallway.
WWSU 106.9 FM live studio, taken June 8, 2019.

Primary Skills

Web development

Experience in back-end development, APIs, and managing servers

Radio Broadcasting

Experience in on-air talent, audio production, automation systems, and radio engineering

Writing and Proofreading

Experience in writing and proofreading correspondence, social media posts, web content, and procedural documents

COVID-19 is a Tough Time

View my portfolio of Advanced News Writing stories on the impacts of COVID-19 around the Dayton community.

A sign at a grocery store asking people to wear a mask and stay two shopping carts apart.
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