Patrick Schmalstig

Web Developer / IT

I am a creative problem solver with a solution-focused mindset.

Quick Facts

I identify Agender and use They / Them / Theirs pronouns. I graduated from Wright State University in April 2022. My majors are B.A. in Media Studies and B.A. in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. I excel at creative problem-solving, implementing and using technology, and writing / establishing procedures. I also enjoy contributing to humanitarian efforts such as activism against domestic and sexual violence.

inside the radio studio of WWSU 106.9 FM with overhead lights, large mixer board, computer monitors, CD decks, cassette player, turn tables. The walls are purple. Large window to the right facing the university hallway.
WWSU 106.9 FM live studio, taken June 8, 2019.

Primary Skills

Web Development / IT

Back-end web development (PHP and Node.js), MySQL / MariaDB, API development and integrations, data management, and web server management

Radio Broadcasting

On-air talent, audio production, basic video production, automation systems, radio engineering, and FCC radio regulations

Writing and Proofreading

Procedures / Workflows, Terms of Services, Privacy Policies, Documentation, Newsletters, Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Plans / Ideas, and Social Media posts

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