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Service Proofreading
Average Price (USD) $20 / hour; 1 hour minimum per document (flex rate available)

"Proofreading" is the review of any documents the client wishes for grammar, punctuation, spelling, relevancy to the concepts being presented, visuals, etc. PDStig, LLC specializes in reviewing Terms of Services, Privacy Policies, organization / company handbooks, and training documentation.

The payment structure usually is as follows:

  • The client makes a proofreading request and sends the documents to PDStig, LLC.
  • PDStig, LLC estimates the amount of time that will be necessary to review everything.
  • PDStig, LLC invoices the client for 33% of the estimated time as a down payment. Work will not start until the client provides payment.
  • Once PDStig, LLC finishes proofreading to the client's satisfaction, the client will be invoiced for the remaining actual time spent.
  • Milestone payments will be required for projects estimated at 12 or more hours.