Managed web hosting

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Service Managed web hosting
Average Price (USD) $20 / month

"Web Hosting" is hosting a website and services on one of PDStig, LLC's dedicated servers (rather than the Client hosting it on a server / VPS which they have purchased themselves). This service only covers the bare minimum maintenance necessary to run the client's websites. Any personal development or maintenance the client wishes PDStig, LLC to complete falls under "website development", "website maintenance", or "emergency maintenance".

Web Hosting includes the following:

  • Access to the Plesk Control Panel, where the client has full control over their website
  • 100 GB total disk space use
  • unlimited bandwidth (but the client is expected to be reasonable about bandwidth use)
  • FTP / SSH access
  • MariaDB databases
  • Webmail access with email accounts (clients are expected to refrain from sending spam; outbound email rate limits are applied, and each email address is limited to 1 GB mailbox space)
  • Metrics / Analytics
  • Uptime Monitoring / public status page (includes notifications / emails when a website or service goes down).
  • CloudFlare services (free tier; client is responsible for paying for their own paid tier if they desire, but PDStig, LLC can help manage it)
  • SSL certificate provided by Let's Encrypt (the client is responsible for purchasing their own SSL certificate if they want to go with a different company or get a higher validation level; PDStig, LLC can assist)

The client is responsible for purchasing and renewing their own domain name. PDStig, LLC can assist the client with this process.

This service has an "opt-out" strategy for price changes. Due to how frequently the price changes to offer this service, by signing a web hosting contract with me, you automatically agree to all prices changes within the contract period (with 30 days notice) unless you make a written request to terminate the contract (with 14 days notice).