The Wright Morning Show

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Project Name The Wright Morning Show
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Project Type Radio Show
PDStig, LLC affiliation Personal / Not affiliated with a company
Date Started 8th Jan 2021
Date Ended 6th Dec 2021
Progress / Status Discontinued

The Wright Morning Show (also called The Wright Tea Hour) was a weekday morning 1-hour radio show I did on WWSU 106.9 FM. The show was broken up into three 20-minute segments:

  • The first 20 minutes, we covered the current events of the day / weekend
  • The second 20 minutes, we discussed a positive or life-enriching topic to bring about morning positivity
  • The third 20 minutes was a special feature or a fun skit depending on the day of the week (such as Sports Talk Monday, Trivia Tuesday, Weird Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, or Free-talk Friday)

The show was quite hard to maintain as I frequently had to cancel episodes due to various circumstances. I eventually discontinued it after 2021 in favor of going back to a weekly show format and starting The TGIF Show. 


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