VPin Workshop Table Script Formatter

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Project Name VPin Workshop Table Script Formatter
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Project Type Website
PDStig, LLC affiliation Personal / Not affiliated with a company
Date Started 21st Mar 2023
Date Ended 16th Nov 2023
Progress / Status Discontinued

Visual Basic is an ugly language with virtually no in-built styling standards. So I wrote an online utility for Visual Pinball X table authors to auto-format some of their table code according to set standards by the VPin Workshop group.

I discontinued the project when I decided the VPX community was no longer economical for me to participate in. 


  • Can standardize capitalization in many instances
  • Can separate lines of code joined together by colons
  • Can fix indentation
  • Can add/remove whitespace and blank lines as necessary

 Technologies Used

  • HTML / JavaScript
  • ChatGPT
    • ChatGPT was used to generate boilerplate JavaScript code for formatting VBScript code that was input by the user. The code is usually heavily modified as even ChatGPT is far from perfect.

VPin Workshop Table Script Formatter

Patrick Schmalstig / VPin Workshop Code Formatter · GitLab