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COVID pandemic impacts local DJ industry


Isaac Blake and Luis Montero are two local DJs who were very active before COVID-19.

“I was DJing at three different locations every week,” said Blake. “I was at Third Perk Coffee House every Friday. Saturdays I was DJing at DK Effect. And the most famous place was the world-famous Barrel House every Wednesday for Wu-Tang Wednesday.” The fame of Wu-Tang Wednesday even caught the attention of Wu-Tang clan member, RZA. In…

Local Dayton organizations adapt to COVID


Two local organizations in the Dayton area, The Life Enrichment Center and YWCA Dayton, express how they and the Dayton community have been affected by COVID.

“We’re not new to this, we’re true to this,” Audrey Starr, Director of Marketing and Communications at YWCA Dayton, stated about the pandemic. She explained that YWCA Dayton is “a 150-year-old social services organization serving women and families across the Miami Valley. An…

Luddites amid COVID-19


On November 19, 2020, TEDx Dayton featured speaker Jodie Mader. Mader discussed the connection between the COVID pandemic and “Luddites”, defined as people who dislike new technology, according to

The COVID pandemic changed how businesses and schools operate. Businesses and schools adopted technology more widely during the pandemic to allow continued safe operation. Na…