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WRRJ Internet Radio

In 2007, I started an internet radio station with my best friend as a hobby. In 2011, I expanded it by affiliating with the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton. I broadcast Sunday services live and broadcast shows hosted by other members of the Center. I also included routine meditation segments and other spiritual programming / music. WRRJ ended in late 2014 due to a change in my living situation.

Technologies Used

  • ocPortal Content Management System (later renamed to Composr CMS)
    • Developed custom miniblocks and plugins for internet radio station operation
  • Skype + Jitsi
    • For remotely bringing on guests for radio shows
  • Google Voice
    • Allowed us to live call-in guests, especially for a show we broadcast on Sunday evenings focused on the earlier Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton Sunday Celebration Service.
  • Rivendell Radio Automation System
    • + Custom PHP Scripts to automate the station and some operations, including status checking and crash recovery
    • Darkice + Icecast for internet streaming
  • Audacity audio editing
  • Mantis Bug Tracker


I started WRRJ in 2007. It was a simple idea of wanting to play random music and have a talk show on random topics.

In 2009, I wanted to have some different programming and asked long-time family friend to host a show on spiritual topics. I also included at this time automated local weather. At that time it was known as “random entertainment” and later decided to go with a slogan. I chose the slogan “It’s YOUR radio station”.

The station went down in 2010 due to a change in operating systems. WRRJ re-emerged on January 1, 2011 with a whole new concept. The slogan was changed to “Your connection to Spirit”, and it provided spiritual programming. I affiliated WRRJ with the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton. Their Sunday Celebration Service was a part of the programming, and some of their congregants had come forward to help with donations and programming.

The station went down yet again in November 2011 due to a hard drive corruption. During the downtime, I was considering doing away with the entire WRRJ Radio project because it was lacking activity. It was then suggested to gear away from specifically the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton, and focus more on the Science of Mind in general. That way, all churches from the United and International Centers for Spiritual Living could find interest in WRRJ Radio.

Therefore, I began reconstruction in December 2011. During the reconstruction, I bought out a more professional domain name. In addition, I created services that church ministers can use to their advantage, such as event and business advertising, prerecorded show uploading, and more. WRRJ re-emerged January 2012 just in time for the first birthday since the 2011 rebirth.

WRRJ was later registered as a non-profit religious organization with the IRS. And I brought together a Board of members to help with station operations. We conducted monthly operation meetings to discuss the future of the station and to decide what programming to have on the station.

Unfortunately, I discontinued WRRJ in August 2014 due to a change in living arrangements. My new location had very unreliable internet, making it impossible to continue running WRRJ. Furthermore, now that I was working with WWSU 106.9 FM, I learned from FCC regulations that it was a bad idea to adopt call letters yourself for an unregistered radio station. While no registered station existed up until this point with the WRRJ call letters, a station would later emerge with WRRJ in Florida.


Unfortunately, only a few screenshots of the website as it stood on January 19, 2012, could be retrieved.