Featured Projects

The Lovinity Community / LoveyCube

In September 2014, I created The Lovinity Community, which was an online support community for those seeking friends or support. I integrated the technology from the discontinued WRRJ Radio project to bring an internet radio station to TLC. And I created a Discord server for the community. In 2017, it was renamed to LoveyCube with additional focuses on safe online dating and civil debates. The community was shut down in November 2017.

Technologies Used

  • ocPortal Content Management System, transitioned to ComposrCMS with LoveyCube
    • Developed custom miniblocks and plugins for internet radio station operation, enhanced moderation, and integration with a custom Discord bot
  • Discord / Discord.JS
    • Created a Discord server which some members in the community for real-time interaction.
    • Made an advanced custom Discord bot that bridged both the website and Discord server together.
      • It helped manage moderation on both platforms
      • It allowed logging in to the website using a Discord account
      • Rewards were earned across both platforms
  • Rivendell Radio Automation System
    • + Custom PHP Scripts to automate the station and some operations, including status checking and crash recovery
    • Darkice + Icecast for internet streaming
  • Audacity audio editing
  • Mantis Bug Tracker
  • LimeSurvey


Several of the procedural documents I wrote for LoveyCube / The Lovinity Community were recovered and are available below. They were written at various times and may therefore be inconsistent with each other.

Safe and Brave Space

This was a web page explaining the safe and brave space policy in the community.

Discipline - Prosecution

This was a web page explaining to members what happened when they earned prosecution - discipline that carried punitive actions (often a result of significant violations or failing to do accountability actions).

Discipline guide

This was a comprehensive document on how moderators should address violations of certain Terms of Services.

Discipline - Demerits

This web page explained how the demerits system worked. Each discipline a member received carried temporary demerits against their account. Accumulating demerits resulted in more severe discipline and other limitations.

Discipline - Appeal

This web page explained how members could appeal issued discipline.

Discipline - Accountability

This is a web page that explained how accountability worked. In LoveyCube, non-serious rule violations could warrant a second chance through accountability; if the member did assigned tasks to learn from or better their behavior, they would avoid punitive discipline.


LoveyCube had a sophisticated credibility system which gave members a score. The score was a general guideline on how credible a member was in the community. This is the web page that explained it.

Apply for Staff

Web page that explained how members could apply for a staff position and the qualifications / responsibilities of each position.