Twitch - Arelyel

I periodically stream various projects on my Twitch channel, Arelyel. Due to my chaotic life schedule, I do not have any set / consistent schedule for streaming. Check out my Guilded server, Arelyel, to see when I schedule streams, and to communicate with me and with others. I will often schedule streams a day or less in advance, however.

This page will be updated as Twitch projects change or are added.

Upcoming Stream Schedule via Guilded

Twitch stream schedule on Guilded

Arelyel Develops

I am developing a few different projects including a Visual Pinball X original pinball table, Saving Wallden. Periodically, I will stream the development process of these projects on Twitch.chrome_dBMLfGxAWC.png

Arelyel Plays

Periodically, I will choose a game to play blindly and stream it on Twitch, usually pinball. By "blindly", I mean I have little to no prior knowledge of the game I choose. I will give my "average Joe" reactions and review to the game as I try completing the objectives.