Personal Projects

These are hobby projects I've done not associated with PDStig, LLC.

My personal views and opinions do not represent the views and opinions of PDStig, LLC., their entities, nor their clients.

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VPin Workshop Table Script Formatter Image March 23rd 2023 Active Development (25%) Visual Basic is an ugly language with virtually no in-built styling standards. So I wrote an online utility for Visual Pinball X table authors to auto-format some of their table code according to set standards by the VPin Workshop group.

VPin Workshop Table Script Formatter

Patrick Schmalstig / VPin Workshop Code Formatter · GitLab

Saving Wallden Pinball Image July 1st 2022 Active Development (10%) I am currently developing a virtual pinball game (Visual Pinball X) themed in the medieval era where players save a King and Queen from being overthrown.

Saving Wallden Pinball

LIFX bulb controller Image May 1st 2022 Active Development I am working on an Electron.JS application for controlling LIFX smart light bulbs. While it has basic controls for power and color, it can also adjust the bulbs on more advanced levels, such as sun position, cloud cover, and weather alerts. This page will be updated as development progresses.

Patrick Schmalstig / LIFX · GitLab