Category: LoveyCube Documents

Documentation, web pages, and procedures written when I ran the LoveyCube / The Lovinity Community project

Safe and Brave Space

This was a web page explaining the safe and brave space policy in the community.

Discipline – Prosecution

This was a web page explaining to members what happened when they earned prosecution – discipline that carried punitive actions (often a result of significant violations or failing to do accountability actions).

Discipline guide

This was a comprehensive document on how moderators should address violations of certain Terms of Services.

Discipline – Demerits

This web page explained how the demerits system worked. Each discipline a member received carried temporary demerits against their account. Accumulating demerits resulted in more severe discipline and other limitations.

Discipline – Accountability

This is a web page that explained how accountability worked. In LoveyCube, non-serious rule violations could warrant a second chance through accountability; if the member did assigned tasks to learn from or better their behavior, they would avoid punitive discipline.


LoveyCube had a sophisticated credibility system which gave members a score. The score was a general guideline on how credible a member was in the community. This is the web page that explained it.

Apply for Staff

Web page that explained how members could apply for a staff position and the qualifications / responsibilities of each position.