Our Lost Year

These are stories and interviews outlining the impacts of COVID-19 in the Dayton, Ohio community. They were written for Dr. Ray Marcano’s Advanced News Writing class at Wright State University.

Luddites amid COVID-19

Introduction On November 19, 2020, TEDx Dayton featured speaker Jodie Mader. Mader discussed the connection between the COVID pandemic and “Luddites”, defined as people who dislike new technology, according to History.com. The COVID pandemic changed how businesses and schools operate. Businesses and schools adopted technology more widely during the pandemic to allow continued safe operation. …

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Wright State student organizations feel COVID-19 impacts

The Tabletop Club and Troupe, two Wright State University student organizations, are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. Both organizations used to run regular in-person events before COVID. But they have had to make difficult decisions and changes for the safety of their members. Events and room reservations “We had room reservations every single day,” Michael …

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