WRRJ Radio

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Project Name WRRJ Radio
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Project Type Website / Internet Radio
PDStig, LLC affiliation Personal / Not affiliated with a company
Date Started 26th Jul 2007
Date Ended 26th Jul 2014
Progress / Status Permanently Discontinued

WRRJ Radio was an internet radio project I started back in 2007. The main inspiration behind it was so my best friend and I could host our own radio shows. However, the concept would grow over the years.

In January 2011, WRRJ was rebooted after a hard drive failure. The concept was changed to focus on general spirituality. I affiliated the internet station with the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton. Through this affiliation, I live-streamed their Sunday Celebration services. Furthermore, members of the Center hosted their own radio shows as well. And the list of programming grew to also include different meditations throughout the day and week.

The technology running WRRJ Radio was just a basic web server and a radio automation server. But I designed it with custom scripts to allow mostly unattended operation. Others could uploaded their prerecorded shows via the website for airing at their scheduled show time. And the media library could also be managed remotely. I wrote scripts to automatically recover programs when they crashed. And I wrote other scripts to automatically read out weather forecasts, weather alerts, traffic conditions, the latest news, and more.

Technologies used

  • Linux (usually Ubuntu / Ubuntu Studio)
  • Rivendell Radio Automation System
  • JACK Audio Connection Kit
  • WordPress, later changed to ocPortal (website software)
  • Many custom BASH and PHP scripts
  • Audacity
  • Jitsi / Skype for live shows
  • At one point, a member from Center donated a spare Server which I used for running the automation system and website.

Notable Radio Shows

  • Live streams of the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton's Sunday Celebration Services
    • There were often re-streams later in the evening followed by a live Q&A afterwards
  • Words From the Heart, a show focused on life and spiritual enrichment
  • Victor Views, a show interviewing local community members and the projects they were working on
  • Ahowan Icaws, a show featuring the worldwide journey of a couple out to help people and animals in need
  • Friday Night Randomness, a fun and crazy show where basically anything happened
  • Many daily and weekly meditations
  • "Morning shine meditations", a series of short meditations every morning to help people start their day
  • Desire to Inspire, a show focused on only positive news


The project was permanently discontinued roughly August 2014 because I moved to a location that had very unreliable internet. Furthermore, I felt it was a bad idea continuing to run a project that had a call sign, something that could possibly get me in trouble with the FCC even though, at the time, no radio station had those call letters (a radio station would later pop up in Florida with the call sign WRRJ though, which is completely unrelated to this project, and I have no affiliation with them).