Saving Wallden Pinball

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Project Name Saving Wallden Pinball
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Project Type Visual Pinball X Original Table
PDStig, LLC affiliation Personal / Not affiliated with a company
Date Started 28th Jun 2022
Date Ended 12th Nov 2023
Progress / Status On Hold

I was developing a virtual pinball game (Visual Pinball X) themed in the medieval era where players save a King and Queen from being overthrown. This was my biggest pinball game project to date, and I had a deep rule set planned.

Unfortunately, the project never received the amount of interest or help that I was looking for / that it needed. And I could no longer spend the amount of time it demanded for development as VPX does not allow charging money for the games people make with it. As such, I discontinued the project.

Technologies used

  • Visual Pinball X (pinball simulation platform)
    • Visual Basic / VBScript for the game logic
    • Blender for some 3D modeling
  • PinUP Popper (LCD screen display)
  • FlexDMD (Dot Matrix Display)

Saving Wallden