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Project Name LoveyCube
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Project Type Website / Internet Radio / Discord
PDStig, LLC affiliation Personal / Not affiliated with a company
Date Started 28th Oct 2014
Date Ended 23rd Nov 2017
Progress / Status Permanently Discontinued

LoveyCube (The Lovinity Community) was a former support community project I led between about November 2014 and November 2017. It was the sequel to WRRJ Radio when it was shut down.

Its primary focus in the first couple years was being a support community. It grew in 2017 to support other focuses such as friendships, life matters, current events, role playing, and dating / relationships. It started out as just a website and internet radio station but expanded as a Discord community. It peaked at about 1,300 members with about 350 of them being active.

I discontinued it in November 2017 after a major disagreement between myself and the staff on recent policy adjustments that were voted in place.

Please see the provided link for a much more detailed and personal account of the project.

Technologies used

  • Windows
  • RadioDJ (radio automation system)
  • ocPortal, later upgraded to Composr CMS (web software)
  • Many custom BASH and PHP scripts
  • Audacity
  • Jitsi / Skype for live shows
  • Discord
  • Node.js / Discord.js custom coded Discord bot

Notable Radio Shows

  • Words From the Heart, a show focused on life and spiritual enrichment
  • Friday Night Randomness, a fun and crazy show where basically anything happened
  • Many daily and weekly meditations
  • "Morning shine meditations", a series of short meditations every morning to help people start their day
  • Desire to Inspire, a show focused on only positive news
  • The Wonderbronies, a Brony-oriented radio show critiquing My Little Pony episodes, music, artwork, and more
  • Several community-run radio shows
  • A few simulcasts from WWSU Radio

LoveyCube, a Former Support Community Project - PDStig, LLC