Composr CMS

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Project Name Composr CMS
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Project Type Content Management System
PDStig, LLC affiliation via PDStig, LLC
Date Started 28th Feb 2016
Progress / Status Active / Developing version 11

I worked with ocProducts, Ltd to develop new features and fix bugs on their Content Management System, Composr. However, with ocProducts, Ltd being discontinued, my development work on Composr CMS now falls under PDStig, LLC.

Currently, I am helping to develop the next major version: 11. I also periodically help with other people's Composr websites. Several of my clients run Composr CMS.

Technologies Used 

  • PHP (Web Language)
  • MariaDB / MySQL (database)
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Tempcode / Comcode (Composr's custom templating engine)

Composr CMS: Content Management meets social media