About Me

Basic Information / Identities

NamePatrick Schmalstig
Birth Year1992
Sun SignGemini
EducationBA in Media Studies; BA in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
Current OccupationWeb Developer
SexualityDemi-Femmesexual & Ecosexual
Height164cm / 5 foot 4 inches
EthnicityGerman Caucasian

My Philosophy

Religion 1Atheist / Religious Science (Dr. Ernest Holmes)
Religion 2Secularism (Religion does not belong in politics)
PoliticsSocial Democrat / Liberal
Metaphysics and LogicRealism (The world and matter within it is real independent of any subjective perception of it)
EpistemologySkepticism (Question everything)
Morality and Ethics 1Moral Relativism (What is good or bad is relative to the people and the culture)
Morality and Ethics 2Stoicism (Hardship and pain is expected in life and should be learned from instead of avoided or complained about)
Morality and Ethics 3Pro-Choice (We have the absolute freedom to do what we please with our own body; and no one shall interfere with that)
Morality and Ethics 4Omnivorism (It's not bad to eat meat [if the animals are humanely killed]. But we need more plant-based foods than meat-based.)
Society 1Globalism (It is not enough to address humanitarian issues on a national level; some require global cooperation)
Society 2Environmentalism (Taking care of the environment and nature should be of utmost importance for our survival)
Society 3Egalitarianism / Feminism (Everyone has the human right to liberation from oppressive systems)
Society 4Pacifism (Conflict should be resolved with a diplomatic / peaceful approach. Violence is never productive except for immediate life-or-death self defense.)
Myers-Briggs / Jungarian TheoryINFJ / The Advocate (Primary function (Ni): I understand / perceive the world introvertedly by drawing intuitive connections and meanings. Secondary function (Fe): I judge the world extrovertedly based on the humanitarian needs of the people around me.)
Seven Deadly SinsLust (While sexual desire rarely influences my decisions... I internally struggle with it immensely)
Debate StyleInquiry (I like asking questions about other people's points of view especially if I do not think I understand them)