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Projects are listed in order according to when I started them, newest to oldest.


Saving Wallden Pinball

I am currently developing an original digital pinball game in the Visual Pinball X program. It is themed in the medieval era where you must save the town of Wallden and its King and Queen by fighting monsters. I am planning many game play features. And I stream some of the development process on Twitch.

In Development

LIFX Bulb Controller

I am currently working on a simple desktop app for controlling LIFX smart light bulbs. It can turn the on/off and change colors. But it has advanced features like sun brightness adjustment, cloud cover brightness adjustment, kelvin / warm light adjustment, and flashing for weather alerts.

In Development


DJ Latin Lou

A former DJ at WWSU Radio wanted my help to design a simple landing page. Here, his radio fans can click into various other pages and podcasts. They can also tune in to the radio station he works at when he is on the air.



"Our Lost Year"

These are stories and interviews outlining the impacts of COVID-19 in the Dayton, Ohio community. They were written for Dr. Ray Marcano’s Advanced News Writing class at Wright State University.



Keepin' It 1200

I assisted with the development of the Keepin’ It 1200 website. The site currently contains a shop for purchasing DJ apparel and merchandise. It also has a gallery to showcase the merch and for DJs to showcase their turntables.



WWSU Sails.js Server

I developed a sails.js server which complemented WWSU’s automation system (RadioDJ) with many other new features, such as breaks and underwriting (commercials) management, the “now playing” page with a program calendar and track request system, automatic prerecord airing, problem detection and reporting, and station failsafe operations. This serves as the server / API while DJ Controls serves as the UI client. I no longer maintain this project since I graduated from college and no longer work at WWSU.

No Longer Maintained By Me

WWSU DJ Controls

I developed an advanced Electron.js application for WWSU 106.9 FM. The application allows for controlling and broadcasting radio shows (including remotely via webRTC), managing station settings and data, viewing logs, silence monitoring, and program recording and scheduling. It connects with the WWSU sails.js server API. I no longer maintain this project since I graduated from college and no longer work at WWSU.

No Longer Maintained By Me


I am currently a paid independent contractor assisting with the development of various components in the Composr Content Management System software. I am helping develop the next major version (v11) by coding necessary features, making and running unit tests, and fixing bugs.

Active (v11 progress)


LoveyCube / The Lovinity Community

In November 2014 after the discontinuation of WRRJ, I created The Lovinity Community (later called LoveyCube). TLC was a safe online social community and support network via a website and Discord for those looking for friends and support. It also featured an internet radio similar to WRRJ but not affiliated with spiritual communities. When TLC became LoveyCube, safe and inclusive dating and civil debating were added to its focuses. LoveyCube was discontinued in November 2017.



WRRJ Internet Radio

In 2007, I started an internet radio station and website as a hobby. In 2011, I affiliated with the Center for Spiritual Living of Greater Dayton to broadcast Sunday services live. Over time, other members also hosted their own amazing shows. WRRJ was terminated in late 2014.

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