Grow March 24, 2022

Small Acts of Kindness

Today, as I was in line at the cafeteria to pay for my food, I encountered a woman who could not find her credit card. She looked everywhere in her bookbag twice, but she could not find it. So, I offered to cover for her. At first, she was reluctant to accept. But she did. I can understand that feeling; she might have felt like she was a burden. But she never asked me to pay for her; I willingly volunteered.

It is enriching to the soul to show kindness and generosity to others. It also fills the world, often tainted with distrust and negativity, with positivity. While she offered to pay me back, I declined. And I hope I could give her a little joy today by my actions. I know I’d appreciate the same if I forgot my credit card or could not afford to pay for food.

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