Wright State University Women's Center Presents Uprising: The Symposium

Short Introduction to WGS Book

Today, I attended an awards ceremony for the Women’s Center. I was awarded Outstanding Graduating Senior for my performance and contributions via. my WGS major. I was also given this book among other things as a gift.

Now, I initially declined the award because I did not believe I did much. But Dr. Carter and Emily Yantis-Houser believed otherwise. I mean, I did have several silent protests and made several Planned Parenthood (PP) donations for reproductive rights. I achieved pretty good (but not extraordinary) grades. I learned a lot. I’ve been speaking up in favor of Women’s Rights and the equity of all and liberation from oppressive systems. I volunteered a bit at YWCA. I hosted several activist radio shows, but both the feminist series and the transgender series did not end up working out. I tried an activist online community, but it failed. So, I suppose that’s something, now that I have written it.

I am dedicating this book to documenting my continuing journey and experiences relating to women, gender, sexuality, and minority equity.

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