March 23 entry from Grow journal

Others Can See What I Yet Cannot

Today, I received this book as one of several gifts from the Wright State Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies department. I was awarded Outstanding Graduating Senior by the Board.

But I tried to turn the award down.

I thought surely, there was another graduating senior more deserving than me. All I’ve done was have several silent protests for reproductive rights, donate quite a bit to support Planned Parenthood, helped out a semester at YWCA, and host a few activist radio shows (a couple failed).

But the Board unanimously voted on giving me the award. So I trusted them and accepted it. They see something in me I don’t yet see.

The focus of this book is “grow”. And it features beautiful hand-made flower artwork by Anahata Katkin. Therefore, I dedicate this book to logging personal accounts of growth from today onward, starting with the Award Ceremony. I am by far no legendary leader or activist. But hopefully, these accounts will inspire others, even if it is just one person.

Sometimes, or rather often, my self-image is clouded with self-doubt, criticism, and comparison with others. While we are our own best experts, sometimes others can see talents and potential within us that we cannot see ourselves. That was certainly the case today. Trust in your friends, family, mentors, and role models when they see something in you that you yet cannot.

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